The interior design of a house is not complete without the perfect floor. The 2016 trends have proven to be the year of the hardwood floors. The residents of the areas like Westchester County, with humid climate, buy wood floors for their house because of their convenience. The weather of Westchester County is the main reason why most people prefer these type of floors, as they are convenient all year round, whether its summer or winter.

The color of the wood flooring should not be overlooked while choosing the perfect floor. Even if you are choosing the wooden floor for the room that you hardly use, you have to be careful with the selection of the color. Here are a few popular colors to help you choose the right one:

1.    The Classic Style:

Most people in the Westchester County area prefer using the classic style of wooden flooring. This is because such floor colors are versatile and can be used with any sort of interior decoration. The classic and timeless floor colors include brown, beige, yellow or any tan shade. Tan is considered old-fashioned by most people but it has been seen in the trends of 2016. On the other hand, the natural beige colored hardwood floors are neutral and can work with any sort of look. Plus, using such colored floors is versatile as well as easier to clean.

2.    Hardwood Floor Stain Colors:

Most interior designers still consider white color to be one of the best for your wooden flooring. It generates a customized and personalized design statement to your house. The glossy white wooden floors have also gained a lot of importance this year. However, if it does not form a contrast with your interior, then it would result in a disaster. Gray is also considered one of the most decent colors to use for the hardwood floors. It gives a sleek finish to your house, particularly when you pair it up with great piece of artwork on the walls.

3.    Bold and Deep Colors:

The bold colors, like black, red, etc., add an indispensible element of décor to your house. Ash stained colors are also considered chic. These colored hardwood floors look best in large open spaces. Making a bold statement can never go wrong once you choose the colors black or dark brown. Plus, they are easier to maintain for a longer period of time. The sleek elegance of dark colors makes the hardwood floors ideal for lavish artistic pieces. You can pair it up with extravagant furniture and soft furnishings to give your house the most remarkable look ever.

You have the advantage of taking flooring samples from any interior decorating store, to check to see which one would match your requirements. It would give you a general idea about the end result.