Westchester County is known for its humid continental climate. It is somewhat cooler than the subtropical climate of New York City. The climate of Westchester County is one of the major reasons why the residents of this area prefer wood flooring because it works well with the climate. Snowfall is also common around this area and thus, wood flooring is ideal for any weather; winter or summer. Before installing the hardwood floor, the humidity level of the room must be controlled artificially.

The house must be enclosed and the heating or the air-conditioning system should be operating at a normal occupancy level. Otherwise you can also set up a temporary heating or dehumidification system, which would match the condition of the final space. Here are few easy ways you can install the hardwood floors easily, all by yourself:

1.    Hardwood Floor Layout:

You have to start by determining the floor joists that supports the subfloor. You have to plan the installment of the wood-flooring vertical to them. This is usually the best practice to begin with. You can mark the floor joists without worrying about the marks showing up later on, as the base molding would hide them. Then you have to cover the floor using a 15 pound asphalt-laminated Kraft paper, which would provide a vapor barrier and it would reduce the floor noise. Use a staple gun to fasten the underlayment to the subfloor.

2.    Fasten The Boards in Place:

Before fastening the boards in their definite rows, you have to drill the first and the last rows of the hardwood floors because they have to be nailed into place. All the other boards are nailed in through the tongue. You have to arrange the first board in a layout line, with its tongue facing into the room. Make sure to leave a ¾ inch space against the adjacent wall and then you can slide the end of the board against it. Install the wood flooring carefully this way until you reach the side wall of the room.

3.    Install the Remaining Board and Straighten:

The hardwood floors can be fastened into place across the room easily, as you can install them row by row, without worrying about the expansion gap. Reel the ends of the boards in adjoining rows by almost 6 inches and then rack the additional bundles as you go on. Sometimes even the best wood flooring comes with minute issues. They are not perfectly straight at times. You can use a wood wedge to tap the gap, which would help in straightening out the board. You can do this with the board which is slightly bowed and you still want to use it.

The lines should be parallel to the wall so that the boards are aligned in place. Not only it gives an amazing finish but it also enhances the beauty of your room.