Vinyl Flooring is mainly popular among Kitchen and Bathroom flooring as well as other parts of the house depending on your choice. However, they soon loose their shine if quality Vinyl floors aren’t installed and they aren’t properly kept clean. Hence, this article will elaborate on how you can keep your Vinyl Floors clean and tidy.


The first and foremost tip is an obvious one, which is to clean your floors manually often. That is to often sweep across the floor, perhaps with a wet soft broom and make a habit of doing so consistently. This will enable the dirt to not get permanent and will make the floor look cleaner and retain its shine.


Secondly, one might use an entrance map towards the entrance of the room. Doing so will enable much of the dust, dirt and other chemical particles to get trapped in the mat and not enter the room, thereby saving you precious time when later sweeping the room and reducing the effort required then.


Another important tip is that while heavy-duty blowers and cleaners might be an attractive appliance which you might think would help you clean the Vinyl floor, in truth all that glitters is not gold, and while Heavy Duty cleaners might blow off the dust soon, in reality they are very ineffective and damaging in the long run. Instead of them, it is more effective to use alternative milder methods such as using a vacuum or broom.


If anything gets spilled on the floor, the best thing is to wipe it as soon as possible. Most of the spills, once dry, get very difficult to clean, especially sugary liquids which will leave a permanent stain. The best thing to do henceforth is to clean any spills as soon as possible and save lots of work to do later on.


Similarly, another way is to use vinegar as a solution for cleaning the floor, or some quality commercial cleanser. Similarly, dish soap is often a good solution with which to wipe out and clean deep dirt as the solution is made for the particular purpose unlike the other cleansing agents. Similarly, there are quite a lot of other stains that can only be cleaned using particular cleaning solutions. For example, scuffs are usually only properly cleaned by using oil or WD-40, whereas some stains for example those of wine and berry juice are more properly cleaned by using Baking Soda. Similarly, makeup or ink stains are quite often only removed properly by using an Alcohol solution. After cleaning the stain it’s often quite appropriate to clean the remaining solid particles using a nylon brush and finally wipe it with water giving it a nice shining look.


Another way to keep the floor clean is to use protective rubber feet for heavy appliances such as fridges which will prevent a dent being formed on the floor. Similarly, if one occasionally moves and rearranges the furniture it will allow for the hidden area to be cleansed and maintain the Vinyl floor.


As a final note, it must be mentioned that while cleaning the Vinyl floors is a great way to maintain your floor, what is more essential is buying quality tiles, for example from a company such as our Carpet and Flooring Retail store in Westchester so that the act of cleaning does not have to be such a burden.