Wood floors are no less than an expensive investment. Therefore, it is highly essential to protect your investment from getting damaged. These floors can be costly, especially when you’re living in areas like Westchester County. Wooden floors are used by abundant residents of this area. The climate of Westchester County is either humid or cold, which is perfect to install hardwood floors.

These floors require special cleaning techniques and a lot of care. It is vital to protect and maintain it. It is not much difficult to clean the hardwood flooring. You can follow the steps mentioned below which would help you clean your wooden floors:

1.    Regular Cleaning Requirements:

It is important for you to clean your wooden floors regularly to protect it from getting damaged or dull. Start by giving your hardwood floors a good dusting every day using a microfiber mop or cloth. It would be your best defense against scratches and surface damage. You cannot use a wet mop to clean the floor, instead use a damped cloth to clean any sort of spills immediately. Brooms are also helpful in cleaning the dust off the floor. Wood flooring can be maintained best by using vacuum cleaners, as it can reach the difficult places and corners where dusters cannot reach. You have to be careful while using the vacuum as its wheels can scratch the floor. Vacuum the floor on a weekly basis to keep it clean.

2.    Polish and Deep Clean:

To maintain your wooden flooring for a longer time period, you have to get it polished after every few months. It is a great way to clean your floors and it can renew and refresh the look of your room or house. The wooden floors which have some kind of protective seal would get more attention by your visitors, once you get them polished. It takes minimal effort to polish the floor. Giving your hardwood floors a deep clean finish or a sand refinish, after every 3 to 5 years, can make it last longer. It would prevent your floor from looking dull. Sanding can also repair the minor damages like scratches, etc.

3.    Removing the Marks and Spots:

Before trying to remove any sort of mark or spot from your wooden floor, reconsider your floor’s perfect finish. You can never use sandpaper, harsh chemicals or steel wool on such a surface; otherwise it would damage the finish. You can use a soft cloth and a dishwashing detergent to break down the grease for an oil-based stain. Rinse it off with clean water and then you can smooth the raised grain with fine sandpaper. You can repeat the procedure if it doesn’t work the first time.

Once you establish a routine, it would not be difficult for you to clean your hardwood flooring efficiently.