If your home was built any time with in the last 20 years in the Westchester county , chances are that at least one room in your house is bound to have Vinyl Flooring which at this point must have gotten pretty old and out of shape. As time passes vinyl floors start losing their luster and become damaged. Vinyl Flooring can get damaged by a myriad of reasons but primarily heat and sharp objects such as high heels. Luckily, repairing a Vinyl Flooring isn’t that difficult and can be done by anyone living in the Westchester county without any professional help. Here are a 3 easy steps that you can follow to repair your Vinyl Flooring by yourself!

Step 1: Buy A New Vinyl Floor

Before you can get started on fixing the damaged vinyl flooring you need to first buy one that looks exactly like it. Lucky for your, if you live in the Westchester county carpetworldofwestchester.com has a large inventory of Vinyl Flooring and carpets that can help you find a replacement for your damaged vinyl flooring. Additionally, you can send carpetworldofwestchester.com a picture of your damaged vinyl flooring for us to find a match from their extensive inventory.

Step 2 : Cut The Damaged Vinyl

Before starting to fix Vinyl Flooring you first need to entirely remove the patch of vinyl that is damaged which you can easily do so by any sharp object such as a Utility knife. Before you start ripping of the damaged Vinyl Flooring you should tape sandpaper around the area to make sure you don’t damage any other Vinyl. Make sure the new vinyl flooring is larger than the area you removed . Additionally, you can use the tile line’s as a guideline when cutting and the vinyl flooring to make it easier.

Step 3 : Apply New Vinyl Flooring

Place the new larger Vinyl Flooring over the area where you removed the damaged Vinyl Flooring from and align it properly. Use a utility knife to cut off the excess vinyl before applying it to the floor. Apply double sided tape to the area and place the vinyl flooring on top of it to make it stick. Now, simply put new vinyl flooring on the double sided tape and stick it to the floor. Push down its edges and use a roller to complete straighten it. That’s all there is to it! Your Vinyl Flooring should now look like completely new.